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In a complete NFL re-draft, the Arizona Cardinals take... Who?

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In a complete NFL re-draft, the Arizona Cardinals take... Who?

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With the NFL on hiatus the question always becomes what to talk about.

An interesting piece was run yesterday by Fan Sided that asked the question… If every NFL player went into the draft how would it fall?

The answer for the Arizona Cardinals was actually baffling:

15. Mitchell Trubisky (Age: 23) – Arizona Cardinals

The next two picks would be totally dependent on how much a team is willing to gamble on upside and playmaking versus a prototypical pocket quarterback who wins with accuracy and ball placement. For most teams, I’m betting Mitchell Trubisky would be the selection over Patrick Mahomes.

As a rookie, Trubisky played well despite being inserted into the lineup on a bad team with poor receiver play. With an upgraded pass-catching corps and a new, innovative head coach in Matt Nagy, expect Trubisky to take a big step in Year 2 towards becoming a franchise quarterback.

Now, I’m not nor have I ever been a huge Trubisky guy, so in this scenario I’m taking Patrick Mahomes.

However, with the veteran quarterbacks on the board as well as the immense defensive talent, reaching on a young quarterback seems preposterous.

Is Trubisky really a better young QB than Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota?

In this scenario wouldn’t taking Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Been Roethlisberger make more sense?

What about taking the best defensive players in Joey Bosa or Jalen Ramsey or Khalil Mack?

In a draft where every NFL player is available and understanding the importance of the quarterback position, I don’t know if I’d take Trubisky in the second round, little alone top 15.

You can check out the whole draft and let us know who you would take.

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